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We offer a wide variety of services to ensure that you know everything possible about your home.  To make sure you feel safe in your new home, we have now partnered with ADT to offer you the very best home security system for an incredibly low price!

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We will inspect your home from top to bottom to ensure that all of your home is in great working condition.
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Got termites? Not to worry- we offer our very own termite protection plan! (comes free with a Termite or WDO Inspection) This includes: Full Home Coverage for Termites & Carpenter Ants, low deductible coverage, and is only $14.97 a month to continue the coverage after the 90 Days are up.
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Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and gets into the air you breathe. Fortunately, we will inspect your home for radon with our verified radon testing devices to ensure you are living in a safe environment.

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Indoor mold can begin to effect the health of residents who are exposed to it because, unfortunately, mold is a common fungi that can spread rapidly. As you know, this can also be dangerous to every-day-life. While inspecting your home, we will be sure to look and test for mold.
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We will inspect your commercial property from top to bottom to ensure that it is in great working condition.
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As we inspect your home, if sprinklers are present, we will inspect them to make sure they are operating properly and safely with no potential hazards. Because most states require homeowners to receive sprinkler inspections annually, we will take care of this for you!
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Thermography is a test that can be utilized to identify unbalanced loads, poor connections, deteriorated insulation or any other issues in energized electrical panels or components without dismantling the components. In less words, we make sure the electrical panel is working properly, which is vital for your safety!